[Evolution] state of printing?

Hello all,

what is the current state of printing mail, contacts and calendar?
My state is that I can't...

It seems to be a problem with gnome-print and I can give here a short
summary of my experiences.
I am using evolution from CVS and would swear an oath that printing
works 2 or 3 weeks ago ;-| ... yes indeed there are some printouts...

I am running SuSE7.1 kernel 2.2.18, but suse's gnome-print from the CD
(0.25) does not work, evolution complains about the wrong library, after
updating to 0.27 and linking /opt/gnome/lib/libgnomeprint.so.15 to
/usr/lib evolution works fine (without printing...)
So I tried gnome-print from ximian... now I cannot compile gal !

Last thing I tried is compiling gnome-print from the sources, but
afterwards gal will not compile again and using my last version of
evolution will crash it horrible...
The new gnome-print seems to be splitted into two libs!!!
Thats why gal cannot compile and evolution did not run, since there
are now functions in libgnomeprintui.so and the rest in libgnomeprint.so
where all these were in the latter one in older versions :-(

So what should I do?
I can send many different backtraces, dependent on the version of
gnome-print and different compile errors of gal.
Maybe there is an easier way to fix my problems....


Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Emmel

TU Darmstadt: Inst. f. Mechanik (FB6) AG IV
              Hochschulstr. 1,       64289 Darmstadt 
              Tel.: +49 (6151) 16 49 66, FAX: +49 (6151) 16 30 18
e-mail: emmel mechanik tu-darmstadt de, thomas family-emmel de
www   : http://coulomb.mechanik.tu-darmstadt.de/~emmel

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