Save with Compaq's Splash into Summer Rebates!

Title: Save with Compaq's Splash into Summer Rebates!
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June 18-24, 2001
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=A0=A0 PC I Mac I Networ= king I Suppli= esI Memory= I Cleara= nce I Shop b= y Brand I Leasin= g Search= =A0=A0
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256= MB RAM Memory Upgrade for="" Desktops
$49= .95
More Info=A0=A0=A0
Mic= rosoft Publisher 2002
3D"MS<= /a> =A0Work Faster
=A0Publish Online
=A0Powerful Design Tools
$11= 9.95
More Info=A0=A0=A0 =20
Com= paq S4100 Color Scanner
3D"Compaq<= /a> =A0USB
=A01200 dpi
=A042-bit flat-bed
$99= .95*
*Price before $20=20 mail-in rebate, expires 6/23/01

More Info=A0=A0=A0 =20
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*$50 manufacturer's mail-in stand alone PC rebate applies only to n= ew Compaq Presario 5006US, 5008US, 5010US and=20 5012US desktops. Valid on purchases made 5/27/01$
**$50 manufact= urer's mail-in stand alone Monitor rebate=20 applies only to new Compaq MV540, FS740, FS940 and FP745A monitors. Valid o= n purchases made 5/27/01-7$
$100=20 manufacturer's mail-in bonus rebate applies only to new Compaq C3 1000, IJ1= 200 & A1500 Ink Jet Printers when purchased=20 together with a qualifying PC an$
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