[Evolution] evolution and IMAP on domino servers

Hi all,

Evolution is looking great! Of course, with the kudos comes a gotcha. It
seems that in all of the builds of evolution after the beginning of
June, IMAP with Domino servers no longer works. I have tried it on both
RH 6.2 and RH 7.1, running Ximian/Gnome 1.4. IMAP used to work
flawlessly for me, but no longer. It will get the password, scan all the
folders/inbox,etc. and display the message information, but as soon as I
click on the IMAP inbox, a message is displayed that the mail viewer has
run into a problem and then the only option is to shut down evo and

Do you guys already know about this? Is there any crash info I can

Please let me know.

Best Regards,


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