[Evolution] RFE:Posting Calendar Items to IMAP folders

I would love to be able to post Evolution Calendar folders on my IMAP server.

Has there been any interest in this?

If you stored calendar items as a vCal mime attachment to a "dummy" rfc822 message, that would be fine.

While this is by no means a ideal long term shared calendaring system, if you would work out a rough standard at least an Evolution office could have some primitive collaboration possibilities. Central storage and synchronization is 3/4 of the battle.

In thinking about the scaling would it be feasible to use year then week subfolders in the Calendar folder?

Then there is always the possibility that someone clever could hack some support for doing the same from Outlook. Perhaps this is just a dream given the state of Outlook IMAP support but this could give us some generic office calendaring relatively quickly.

Adam Logghe
adam devtty net <mailto:adam devtty net>

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