[Evolution] Three, make that four, things that crash Evolution

(The fourth one I ran into while writing this message, heh)

1. Opening and closing "My Evolution" or "local" really quickly many
times in a row. This does not happen (for me) when opening/closing Other
Contacts, VFolders, subfolders in local, or threads in the mailbox view
(even in threads that are many times larger than my full list of boxes
under "My Evolution").

2. Dragging "My Evolution" anywhere. No other draggable object crashes
it, for me.

3. Resizing the divider between the tree pane and the main pane...
However, this ONLY crashes in mail view, not in "My Evolution",
Calendar, Tasks, or Contacts. At least, I can only get it to crash in
mail view. In order to do this crash, you need to streth it to one side,
release, stretch it back to the other side, release, lather, rinse, and
repeat. Simply dragging the divider around doesn't crash it.

4. Clicking the "To:" button in Composer hangs the whole program.
Components don't crash, etc, but the whole program becomes unusable.

Anyway, latest Ximian updates, latest Evo snapshot, RH6.2. I'm happy to
provide more info if desired.


P.S. "Submit Bug Report" under the Help Menu does not, as the comment
says, use bug-buddy. Instead it brings up the ximian bugzilla page.
This, IMO, is a little discouraging to new users who want to try to file
a report.

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