Re: [Evolution] Forwarding a message with attachments

Ok, yes that does work.  This is different from the default behaviour in
Netscape.  When I do any type of forward in that it forwards the
attachments as well which is the way I think it should work.  Most
things that arrive with attachments that you want to forward are a
simple message saying 'have a look at this' and the important bit is the
attachment.  In Netscape a reply drops the attachment, which seems

Here's what I think the behaviour should be:

1. Forward Inline & Quoted should both copy the message into the editor
in the appropriate style and attach the attachments by default.  If you
don't want to send the attachments you can bring up the 'Show
attachments' pane and delete them.

2. Forward Attached should attach the message as it does at the moment,
but it would be nice if it could enhanced to split the attachments out
seperately in the 'Show attachments' pane.

I think this would make it more intuitive, but then maybe if you have
been using other mailers my idea isn't intuitive at all :-)

Cheers, Alistair
On 21 Jun 2001 12:03:39 -0400, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
Forward as Attachment should work.


On 21 Jun 2001 17:28:02 +1200, Alistair Lambie wrote:

I frequently get email's with attachments that I need to forward.  Is
there a way to forward the email *with* the attachments?  I can only get
it to forward the main message.

Thanks, Alistair

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