Re: [Evolution] ongoing trouble with evolution-0.10.99-snap.ximian.200106181444

On 21 Jun 2001 09:47:24 -0700, Dan Berger wrote:
So, a few that have been hanging around for quite some time:

1. Unable to delete PGP signed/encrypted messages from maildir folders.
The messages survive an expunge.  They can be deleted (with no trouble)
by other mailers.

I seem to be able to do it and the code that deletes/expunges mail
cannot distinguish between a "normal" message and a pgp encrypted one so
I'm sensing that this is somehow a coincidence.

2. Unable to open vfolders or Trash.  If I try, evo hangs - the mouse
pointer continues to move, but I can't click anything outside the evo
window (and clicks inside the window don't invoke any action).  If I
switch tasks with Alt-Tab, I can get to a shell and kill-ev.  My gut
(and it's purely a wild-ass guess) is that it has something to do with
drag-n-drop code, based on the way the mouse is responding.

Opening a folder should not invoke the DnD code? By the way, VFolders
and Trash folders have to open other folders in order to display, so it
may just be that it's taking a while to open and not be a
crash/hang/whatever. This is especially the case if you have a lot of
mail and/or a lot of folders.


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