Re: [Evolution] Error downloading POP mail

You'll need to gdb the `evolution-mail` process.

In xterm1:

killev; evolution-mail

In xterm2, after waiting ~5 seconds or so for evolution-mail to startup:


Now, when you check mail you should get tons of output in xterm1. Since
evolution-mail is multithreaded, you should give us a backtrace of each
thread when it crashes.


On 21 Jun 2001 07:22:29 -0700, Ladner, Eric (CLAD) wrote:

I'm using about a week old snapshot of evolution 0.10.99 and I'm 
having a persistent problem with downloading messages from the pop

After it downloads 2 or 3 messages, I get a message that says the 
"component for this view has died" (can't remember the exact wording)
and then the mail pane on the right side shows nothing.  Restarting
Evolution doesn't help.

I've tried running Evo in debug mode, but it never produces anything
relevant to the problem.  I assume the view is driven by another 
component and not Evo itself (a corba client, perhaps?)

I'll try and capture some more detail tonight.  Mainly I wanted to 
throw this out to see if anybody else was encountering similar 



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