Re: [Evolution] couple of errors...

On 20 Jun 2001 12:10:08 -0400, Roberto Moral Denche wrote:
Hello there!

I got Evolution 0.10 up and running on my solaris 8 box, however I am
getting 2 annoying errors (non-fatal).

1: When sending an e-mail and try to type that "@" in the To: Cc: or
BCc: field wombat dies I still can send the e-mail without a problem but
I get the gnome bug thingy telling me that wombat has caused an error
and died.

2: I leave evolution up and running all the time due to my work (24 hrs
a day) I am running in to a problem when I get to work on the morning
and I have 300 windows from Evolution telling me that it can
stat/sumarize or movemail can't work because too many open files, I have
many other apps up and running and none of them complain about this,
sutting down all the apps but evolution doesn't fix the problem
either... any idea?

Try turning off automatic mail checking, or at least put it on a longer
time delay.  Ok so it wont fix it but it should delay it.  Sounds like
its leaking fd's during get mail (there's a bug posted for this i don't
recall if its fixed yet).

thanks for your time.


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