Re: [Evolution] couple of errors...

On 20 Jun 2001 12:10:08 -0400, Roberto Moral Denche wrote:
Hello there!

I got Evolution 0.10 up and running on my solaris 8 box, however I am
getting 2 annoying errors (non-fatal).

1: When sending an e-mail and try to type that "@" in the To: Cc: or
BCc: field wombat dies I still can send the e-mail without a problem but
I get the gnome bug thingy telling me that wombat has caused an error
and died.

2: I leave evolution up and running all the time due to my work (24 hrs
a day) I am running in to a problem when I get to work on the morning
and I have 300 windows from Evolution telling me that it can
stat/sumarize or movemail can't work because too many open files, I have
many other apps up and running and none of them complain about this,
sutting down all the apps but evolution doesn't fix the problem
either... any idea?

I have a similar but different problem. I'm online douring the day but
offline at night. If I don't set Evolution to stop checking my mail I'll
end up with over a hundred identical popup errors by morning. It appears
that ``Work Offline'' doesn't work at the moment and that that should
help. Still, Evolution shouldn't be giving the user redundant errors in


thanks for your time.


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