[Evolution] Feature request


Just lost some work.  I consider these features pretty important...

First, closing a compose window should prompt you to save a draft.  I don't
care if you make it toggleable somewhere, but it's just too easy to lose
work without any confirmation.

Second, when you log out of Gnome, any open composer windows should be
automatically saved in your Drafts folder as part of the "session save".
To see why this is useful:

I just managed to wedge the X server (I think Galeon did it) to the point
where no events were getting through... I could move the mouse, but
couldn't interact with the desktop at all, including the open compose
window I was staring at.  As a result, I had to switch to a console and
eventually start killing stuff until the X server gave me back control.  I
killed Galeon, at which point something unwedged and cheerfully logged me
out for gdm to restart the X server.  I logged back in and watched my
various windows come back up, including Evolution... minus the compose
window containing an e-mail I was about to finish after a solid hour of

So you can see this behavior would not only be convenient, but it would
protect against problems in OTHER applications that could take down
the X server.


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