Re: [Evolution] Feature Request

On 31 May 2001 09:58:46 -0600, Jayson Henkel wrote:
Hey everyone,

Once again great work evo is now lodged firmly in my WindowMaker menu.
As far as the sylpheed import went... well not good. It seemed to hang
evolution perhaps when everything slows down someone can work this out.
As well I was wondering about another odd feature request that is a
little odd but some people might find useful. I would like to have the
ability to export a mail folder as an  index html page. This would be
particularily useful for mailing lists. Perhaps having a table of
contents formed by each subject from the mail organized chronologically
during maybe a user definable time frame. The table of contents would be
hyperlinked to the start of the body of the message in the webpage. Of
course this kind of feature would be last on the priority list but I
think useful to more than just myself...or maybe I am wrong what do
others think? I'd be interested in feedback.

I reckon that would be a nice feature, implementing might not be so
difficult. Right now you could do it by using formail to split up the
mail folder into seperate messages and then pipe each one of them into
MHonArc to produce the actual HTML.

Whether this should be integrated into Evolution is another question.


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