[Evolution] Helix Code is now Ximian: list names change

Dear List Members:

As you are no doubt aware, earlier this year, Helix Code, Inc. 
changed its name to Ximian (ZIM-ee-un), Inc.  We are in the final 
stages of moving all of our mailing lists, web pages, and addresses 
to the ximian.com domain. We're doing our best to make this as painless 
as possible. 

Beginning June 18, the name change will affect mailing lists in the
following ways:

1: Lists with [HC listname] in the subject header will now have [Ximian
listname] instead.

2: You will need to update any email filters dependent on the "Helix
Code" name or the helixcode.com domain.

3: You can still send mail to your list at the helixcode.com address,
although we encourage you to begin using ximian.com now.

4: The name change will NOT interrupt your list subscription and you
do NOT need to resubscribe.

Nothing else about this list or our company has changed.  If you have
any questions, please visit http://www.ximian.com/rename/index.php3,
where we have a FAQ regarding the name change, or email us at
hello ximian com 

The Ximian, Inc. Network Team

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