Re: [Evolution] 2 issues

i was curious if either of these has been addressed since 0.10 preview.

1. in a compose window, if i tab from "To" -> "Cc" -> "Subject" ->
"From", it would be nice if the message body was included in the cycle
between "Subject" and "From".

And I would add that it would be perfect if (after Reply) the
focus/cursor was directly in the message body (thus skipping
From/To/Subj lines which usually stay the same in Reply).

2. if i delete a message, and expunge it from a folder, the message body
(right bottom frame) is not updated. even if i switch to a different
folder, and then back, the message body frame still contains that of the
expunged message.

Right. Also it would be very handy if the message pointer moved to next message after deleting the current 
one automatically. Then I would be able to read my messages with one keystroke (Ctrl-D since Del key does not 


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