Re: [Evolution] Bugs and wishes...

Thomas Emmel wrote:

 Using the german menus (LANG=de_DE) I cannot add a date through
 Due Date. I get always the message
 "Das Datum muss in diesem Format eingegeben werden:
  Sam, 09.06.2001 12:34:36"
 (in the english version this error appears only, if you try to
 put an invalid date inside the text field:
 "The date must be entered in the format:
  Sat 09/06/2001 12:34:36 PM"
 I can always use this small icon with the scribbling pad on the left
side of the task to enable/change the date.

Hmm. I think this may be a problem with the translations.

The format strings have been translated a little inconsistently, e.g.

#. strptime format for time of day, without seconds 24-hour format.
#: e-util/e-time-utils.c:97 e-util/e-time-utils.c:208
msgid "%H:%M%n"
msgstr "%H.%M%n"

#. strftime format of a time in 12-hour format,
#. without seconds.
#: e-util/e-time-utils.c:320 widgets/misc/e-dateedit.c:1262
#: widgets/misc/e-dateedit.c:1321 widgets/misc/e-dateedit.c:1500
msgid "%I:%M %p"
msgstr "%I:%M %p"

Note that the translation of the first changes the ':' to a '.',
but the second leaves it as a ':'.

Try typing it all in with '.'s, e.g. "09.06.2001 12.34.36".
What is the correct format in Germany? "09.06.2001 12:34:36" ?

It's a little worrying that translations may introduce bugs, though
I'm not sure what the best way to handle all this would be.

 There is an additional small bug inside this dialog:
 If you try to change the "progress" section the percent counter
 starts to flicker and evolution freezes completely.

Yes, I get that as well. The task & event editor dialogs were recently
rearranged a little, so it seems it is getting into an infinite loop now.

I've added it to bugzilla #3299

 Wish: Is it possible to add a small pop-up including the
 full information of this task if the mouse is over the summary
 of this task?

Maybe. We've had lots of problems with tooltips, though.

 Wish: There should be a way to import local public holidays and
 mark them blue, red or green with the name...
 Sundays should be red.

Yes, we'd like to do that eventually.


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