Re: [Evolution] Pilot Conduits


Thanks for your fast respons.

Am 10 Jun 2001 17:10:22 -0400 schrieb JP Rosevear:
Yes.  The latest gnome-pilot combines all the individual capplets in to
one capplet.
I fetched gnome-pilot (and pilot-link) from CVS
I compiled it, worked just fine.
Did a make install (removed old package before).

But now gnomecc tells me, that he could not connect to the gpilotd.

here is what happens:

[master master gnome-pilot]$ gnomecc
gpilotd-Message: Initing gnome vfs
gpilotd-CRITICAL **: file gnome-pilot-client.gob: line 848
(gnome_pilot_client_get_triple_ptr): assertion
`self->gpilotddaemon!=NULL' failed.
libgpilotdcm-WARNING **: attribute description for
ECalendar(e_calendar_conduit) has no value
Message: Pilot name -> MyPilot
Message: Pilot id   -> 22314
Message: Pilot username -> Scotty
Message: Pilot creation/rom = 0/0
Message: Pilot sync_action -> custom
Message: Cradle Type -> Serial
Message: cradle device name -> Cradle
Message: cradle device name -> /dev/pilot
Message: Pilot Speed  -> 115200
Message: Timeout -> 2
gpilotd-Message: Initing gnome vfs
** ERROR **: Es kann keine Verbindung zum GnomePilot Daemon hergestellt

The last message would be in English: "Could not connect to the
GnomePilot Daemon"

pilot-xfer is working perfectly from console and the gpilotd also...

[master master packages]$ rpm -q control-center

Any hints?


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