[Evolution] Bugs and wishes...


first of all: evolution IS great!!!

Now I have compiled all sources and using currently a version from CVS
from friday v0.10.99/8.6.2001 and mostly everything is working.

Here is a list of wishes and small bugs I have found:
 Using the german menus (LANG=de_DE) I cannot add a date through
 Due Date. I get always the message
 "Das Datum muss in diesem Format eingegeben werden:
  Sam, 09.06.2001 12:34:36"
 (in the english version this error appears only, if you try to
 put an invalid date inside the text field:
 "The date must be entered in the format:
  Sat 09/06/2001 12:34:36 PM"
 I can always use this small icon with the scribbling pad on the left
side of the task to enable/change the date.

 There is an additional small bug inside this dialog:
 If you try to change the "progress" section the percent counter
 starts to flicker and evolution freezes completely.

 Wish: Is it possible to add a small pop-up including the
 full information of this task if the mouse is over the summary 
 of this task?

 Bug: The reminder doesn't work, no mail, no popup, no beep...
 Wish: There should be a way to import local public holidays and
 mark them blue, red or green with the name...
 Sundays should be red.

-Executive Summary:
 Is it planned to enable configuring more mail folders to the
 "mail summary"? It is one of my wishes ...
 Maybe a service to add small notes is helpful, like these small yellow
"post it"'s all around me ;-)
 The service "things to do" should be enhanced by the possibility of a 
 weekly or monthly view or maybe a way to scroll through the next

 Is there a way to show more information about the mail-folders?
 Inbox (10|2|5)
 10 messages with 2 unread and 5 deleted or something like this?
 Maybe it is easier to add this to the mail summary above?

 My html-doc does not compile.
 During compilation I get always a message like:

 Making all in C
 make[1]: Entering directory `/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C'
 db2html ./evolution.sgml
 input file was called evolution.sgml -- output will be in evolution
 TMPDIR is db2html.KnBtKS
 working on ./evolution.sgml
 jade:E: cannot find "./evolution.sgml"; tried "./evolution.sgml",
 about to copy cascading stylesheet and admon graphics to temp dir
 about to rename temporary directory to "evolution"
 if I change in the Makefile of the doc/C-dir the line 
 srcdir = .
 srcdir = $(PWD)
 it makes something but produces only some relatively small

db2html /home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml
input file was called evolution.sgml -- output will be in evolution
TMPDIR is db2html.BtR9yh
working on /home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:1:66:W: cannot
generate system identifier for public text "-//GNOME//DTD DocBook PNG
Variant V1.1//EN"
reference to entity "BOOK" for which no system identifier could be
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:1:0: entity was
defined here
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:20:0:E: DTD did
not contain element declaration for document type name
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:29:9:E: there is
no attribute "ID"
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:29:16:E: element
"BOOK" undefined
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:30:11:E: element
"BOOKINFO" undefined
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:31:10:E: element
"TITLE" undefined
jade:/home/emmel/tmp/evo/evolution/doc/C/evolution.sgml:32:16:E: element
"AUTHORGROUP" undefined

and so on...

If anyone can give me a hint...

Hope that this were not too many wishes ;-)

Thomas Emmel

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