[Evolution] Re: [HC Evolve] Naming of Evolution

At the risk of being perceived as a complete luddite, I have decided to
chime in on this issue.

I have given a number of lectures on the subject of creationism versus
Darwinian evolution, and it is something about which I can be quite
passionate.  I am a died-in-the-wool creationist.  This is for a number
of reasons.  I won't state them here, simply because I'm sure that many
of you would see that as trolling, and it certainly would be off topic. 

To get to my point, I have no issue with this product being called
evolution.  Clearly evolution within species is a natural phenomenon,
and only those who reject the scientific method could deny its truth.

I know that some of my friends find it amusing that an anti-Darwinist
such as myself has a great interest in a package called evolution,  but
I can live with them chiding me about that.

If you'd like to know more about creationism and how that can coexist
with reason, or perhaps you have some interest in the concept
intelligent design, please contact me.

Tom Cooper

On 08 Jun 2001 15:41:07 -0400, Aaron Weber wrote:
Mr. Felton:

 We haven't had any complaints yet, although if you do run across any,
I'd be glad to hear them and to speak with the person who takes issue
with the name of the product. I do understand that that's an issue for
many people-- I've heard of a support call where someone refused to have
anything to do with "icons" on the desktop until they were referred to
as "little pictures" instead-- but I feel that people making a rational
business decision can seperate the name of a product from a scientific
process related only by metaphor.

Frankly, the name of our product has little or nothing to do with the
darwinian theory of Evolution, but rather with the strict dictionary
definition of "change over time." 

Good luck with the biology textbooks, by the way.  I hope you find a
good solution and help people teach well.

Aaron Weber
Ximian, Inc.


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