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Mr. Felton:

 We haven't had any complaints yet, although if you do run across any, I'd be glad to hear them and to speak with the person who takes issue with the name of the product. I do understand that that's an issue for many people-- I've heard of a support call where someone refused to have anything to do with "icons" on the desktop until they were referred to as "little pictures" instead-- but I feel that people making a rational business decision can seperate the name of a product from a scientific process related only by metaphor.

Frankly, the name of our product has little or nothing to do with the darwinian theory of Evolution, but rather with the strict dictionary definition of "change over time."

Good luck with the biology textbooks, by the way.  I hope you find a good solution and help people teach well.

Aaron Weber
Ximian, Inc.


On 07 Jun 2001 21:39:46 -0500, Christopher D. Felton wrote:
> Dear Ximian Rep:
> I would like you to consider renaming Evolution. I work in the publishing business selling textbooks. Some of the textbooks are Biology books and they contain chapters on evolution. You don't know how much grief we get from some schools, public and private, about evolution and not having information on Creationism. Believe it or not this is still a huge issue for many, many people today. If you want the most people to use, you should consider a name change. This is a very touchy issue.
> Sincerely,
> Christopher D. Felton
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