Re: [Evolution] Evolution bugs...

On 22 Jul 2001 11:35:15 +1000, David Luyer wrote:
Ross Burton wrote: 
      * lack of detection of new mail in some IMAP folders
        even though all are subscribed.

I'm glade I'm not the only person who gets this!!  What IMAP server are
you using?  I'm using UoW IMAP 4.7.

I'm using a newer version of the same:

Package: uw-imapd-ssl
Version: 1:2000cdebian-6

If I actually go to the folder, I see there are new messages, but without
going to it, send/receive does nothing.

Exactly the same problem I'm having...

In theory this is possible - have a look at the .xml files in
/usr/share/ui (I think) - they describe the user interface to Bonobo.
To understand them completely you'll need to read the docs in the bonobo
cvs module.

I'll have to read up on GLADE (I think)... I was hoping someone could
tell me something like 'set an accel on the radio and it becomes a
tab through the radio list'.  But it looks like I don't get a simple
answer like that.

Not Glade - the menu bars are constructed with Bonobo.

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