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Not claiming to be an expert, but I was an Exchange admin for a few
years.  It's been about two since I ran one, but I'm pretty familiar.

The thing with Exchange, is that it's more like a SQL server than a mail
server on the inside.  The message store is one big database file for
all of the users.  All of the services hook into it.

As an admin,you have to make a conscious decision to turn on and
configure IMAP and POP services.  If you know your local Exchange admin,
it'd just be easier to ask if IMAP is on or not.  The only other way is
to try it.

Go into your mail config and set up for IMAP and add your Exchange
server.  If it fails, they probably don't have IMAP on.  

Chances are it probably isn't if you're company's drinking a lot of the
Kool-aid.  If you assume everyone's using Outlook, there's no reason to
run IMAP.  

On 15 Jul 2001 16:12:22 -0700, Keith F Irwin wrote:
What information/settings do I need to access an Exchange server?
The place where I work is devoted to M$ and Exchange.

I think you're out of luck on this issue at the moment. My place of
employment is also an exchange haven.  The way I get around it:

I've got two machines, one windows, the other linux.  I set 
up a rule in Outlook to redirect all my mail to my linux box.
I set up an IMAP
server on the linux box and use Evolution to read it from there.  No
calendaring, etc, but at least I can read email, as well as 
the meeting

IMHO is Exchange also IMAP based, so you can access your Mails and so on
directly from the Exchange Server.
Whats about Calendar ?
Where does Evolution store this Files ?
Exchange also can provide the Calender via IMAP .

I know virtually nothing about Exchange, so I have no idea about
providing Exchange.  I've heard that it does, but think that, at least
at my place, it's disabled.

Interested in the answers, though!

Anyone an exchange expert around here?


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