Re: [Evolution] spam vfolder

On 10 Jul 2001 23:37:37 +0930, Not Zed wrote:
Um, why is it an option in the filter GUI then? It would be good if it
worked, to the user it seems logical it would work on both right click
and as a filter match, is there some reason it doesnt work for mail

Well actually it will still work, but unless you know what to do, you
dont know what to enter in for it to match against.  If you right click
on a message it determines that from the message.  Its not consistent
because mailing list servers aren't consistent in what identifying
headers they use, which is why you can't 'really' just enter it in.

So is it possible to do a check whether a mail is from a mailing list?
That would be an useful feature, and the current UI gives a suggestion
it might work. Jakub said his rule seems to work okay, but that one
specific mailing list (gene-pool I think) escapes through for some


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