Re: [Evolution] Multiple email addresses per contact ?

On 19 Jan 2001 09:46:38 -0500, John Affleck wrote:
Is there a simple way to create a 'contact' with multiple email addresses ? A 
mailing list kind of thing, as opposed to alternate addresses. I tried just
having multiple entries on the primary email line seperated by commas, but
it didn't work (Illegal seek: mail not sent). Ideally <blue sky>I'd like to
be able to d'n'd existing contacts into a group (as per Netscape et al.)
</blue sky>, but I'd settle for typeing them in right now...

We don't have any support for a contact with multiple email addresses
right now.  The hardest part would probably be the GUI.

One of the possibilities I've considered, at least for now, is to have
you build mailing lists using the contact's categories.  This isn't
done.  It's just a thought.

I'll look at mozilla to see how it does them.


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