[Evolution] Re: Add/Create LDAP entries

Alec Peden wrote:
When adding or creating a new Contact these are the fields that get fillled out correctly:

Under General:
Full Name
Job Title

company gives me problems.  i get a syntax error from the ldap server when i try and add an entry with that attribute.  I need to work on that I guess.
File As
I added support for all the following phone numbers: Primary, Home, Business Fax, Mobile, ISDN, and Pager.  Unfortunately, not all of them appear to work.  The working ones (for me at present) are: Primary, Home, Business Fax, and Mobile.  I'll find out why the others aren't working.
Primary Email (thanks toshok for the quick fix for this)
all three emails should be saved and loaded properly.
Under Details:
Manager's Name
Manager's name and secretary's name are both being stored presently as strings, which is wrong.  They need to be DN's.  ugh.  So, those won't be working - at least not if a server has schema/syntax checking on.

Also, business and home address should work now.


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