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Woohoo I composed this with evolution.  I am moving towards using it
full time.  However I have a few issues.  Perhaps a few have been
implemented/fixed in CVS or I am missing something obvious.  Probably
all these things have been discussed.  

Either way, you guys kick ass.

I am using Evolution 0.8 from the debain distro.

1) One thing I didn't like about Outlook but I use on Pine was the
ability to set the sent-mail folder to something other than a local box.
(For instance an imap folder)  This is a useful feature when you check
your mail from multiple machines and often reference these items. I save
ALL my mail to the imap server.  I don't trust clients and neither
should you :)

2) Dragging a mail message into a mail folder (to move it) doesn't work?
I drag it over and I get an icon with a paper and an arrow in the upper
left corner.  Drop it and it flies back to where it came from.  

3) Management of IMAP folders.  Creation/deletion.  I believe this just
hasn't been implemented.

4) Spell check?  My spelling blows as you can tell.

5) I tried setting up access to an LDAP server (the university of
michigan has an LDAP server.  I think they wrote it too.  (They are
crazy x.500/LDAP people!)  No luck.  Is this still in the works?  I can
provide more detail if it should work.  It left my evolutiuon in a non
working state. ldap.itd.umich.edu is the server, but I don't know what
kind of external access is given.

6) I had some initial trouble with imap subscriptions to folders that
don't exist.  This really confused the "Manage Subscriptions" tool.
This was very nonintuitive, although I realize that it is the specs
fault.  However in pine, these non-existant folders are hidden and

Mark Corner                                      
mcorner umich edu

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