[Evolution] could not send message: invalid argument with attachment

Here's a reproducible sequence of events:

1. Start composing a new message
2. Attach a *particular* .tgz file
3. Attempt to send the message
4. Error pop-up "could not send message: invalid argument"

Now for the next set of weird events:

5. Close the composition window
6. To the dialog asking whether to save the message, answer "Yes"
7. The message is in Drafts
8. Go and view the message
9. Try to do anything: Evo is catatonic, only killev will work
10. The only way to clear the problem is to wipe the Drafts folder mbox

Now for the worst part:

Another, smaller .tgz attachment does not induce this problem.

Latest snapshot, RH 6.2.

-- F

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