Re: [Evolution] Snapshots and Core dumps

Le 2001.01.25 14:35:52 +0100, Scott Stirling a écrit :

I haven't figured out what's causing the core dumps I was experiencing
with the last few snapshots (I'm on RedHat 7.0 with kernel 2.2.17), but
I got rid of them by backing up my ~/evolution folder and letting the
latest snapshot create a fresh one.

I'd like to add back all my email from the old folder.  Is there a best
way to do that?  I assume it was either some of the mail in the Inbox,
or some of the filters I had setup that was causing the core dumps.  But
Evolution was core dumping as soon as the splash screen initialized, so
I didn't have time to try anything like removing filters via the GUI

Well, you could try:
mv ~/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox ~/saveme
cat ~/saveme ~/evolution_old/local/Inbox/mbox >~/evolution/local/Inbox/mbox

after having quitted Evo and killev, oaf-slay'ed everything of course


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