[Evolution] Two suggestions

First, I love the daily builds; I need a bit of excitement in my life :)
A suggestion is to -- as a part of the daily build package -- insert a
changelog since the last daily. If/when you automate the daily build,
that would be a good feature; it makes the new release a lot easier to
test when you know what has changed.

Second, are the keybindings available anywhere without editing the
source? I've been looking at the glade files, but haven't been able to
find them. I _really_ want to be able to use 'd' (not 'ctrl-d') to
delete mail, and for the 'd' command to do a delete, the a jump to the
next unread message. Would it be possible to use a scheme like GIMP:s,
where a user can redefine keys on the fly? Failing that, I'd love to see
a way to redefine keys from a textfile, xml-file or similar -- hide the
option if you want, make me edit guile (actually a very good idea) but
please make it nominally possible.

Mr. Jan Morén                          Dept. of Cognitive Science
Tel. +46-046 222 8588                  Kungshuset, Lund
Fax. +46-046 222 9758                  S-222 22 Lund, Sweden

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