Re: [Evolution] Serious problem with local mbox indexing

On 18 Jan 2001, Iain wrote:

that I had NOT marked for deletion, and after that
Evolution complained that my mbox was iretrievably
corrupted (it wasn't, just the header files were).

What is going on here?

Usually I find when I get double messages that just quiting and
restarting cleans it up.
I get it occasionally, but I can't reproduce it at all, so....

No, it's more serious, and is as Iain describes the situation.

In my case, things were working fine, but as soon as I marked one message
for deletion and then expunged it crunched, reporting "mbox iretrievably
corrupted". This happened to both an IMAP retrieved forlder and an mbox
folder. Restarting did not help.


[Oh, by the way, hi everyone. I've been searching for ages looking for
Unixsen side mail client that had proper graphical capabilities - too many
people in my company use HTML email and while I hate to admit it I have
become very accustomed to some of the niceities of Outlook/Exchange. I
stumbled across evolution a few days ago, sat up *all* night trying to
build it (you're right, it was "hard") didn't quite get all the way, and
then discovered that there were debs on Ximians site. Ahh.

I like what I see. I'll take a while to get a feel for what's going on
here, but if nothing else I'll be offering my services as a tester. Please
keep the .debs on up to date :)



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afcowie upoc-inc com
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