Re: [Evolution] new user impressions

On 17 Jan 2001 16:29:20 -0700, Brian Grossman wrote:

2.1. How can I get mail into a particular folder?  I have brian
      go to one maildir, brian-voicemail go to another maildir and
      brian-bugtraq go to yet another.  I'd like to define separate
      incoming mail servers for each and have each get incorporated into
      a different folder instead of them all going into Inbox.

This is what filters are for

I was afraid you'd say that.  What about when I have procmail do lots of
clever things to decide if a message is spam and deliver to a different
maildir based on what it decides?  I wouldn't want to have to recode all
those procmail recipies as evo filters.

You can still use procmail...


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