Re: [Evolution] Open Office coming along better than I thought!

I believe it is a bonobo-wrapper to allow embedding the OpenOffice
application into Nautilus. I have attempted to install the wrapper, but
I've been having Nautilus troubles (some problem with oaf and GConf..)
so I can't even get it to go. If you have Nautilus installed, download
OpenOffice613 and the following:

Let us know how it goes....

Garrett Mickelson

On 08 Jan 2001 11:39:05 -0500, Tom Cooper wrote:
Garrett Mickelson wrote:

Check out this link. Open Office embedded into Nautilus! THIS is the
future of Linux on the Desktop! My understanding (and I could be wrong)
is that by using this 'view as OpenOffice viewer' , one could edit and
then save this document from within nautilus. 

Is this a version of OpenOffice compiled into Eazel, or a data conduit
from Eazel which communicates with external applications like

If it's the former, it sounds like a departure from reusable components
and object-orientation - if it's the latter, it sounds pretty cool.

Any idea how this works?

Thanks for the input!

Tom Cooper

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