Re: [Evolution] Building from CVS

1.) Are there instructions? If so where are they?

In addition to the web page that was pointed out (which is mostly about
how to *get* the sources), make sure to read the README file in the top
level of the evolution sources before compiling anything!

In particular, be careful with install prefixes! Once you start
installing things into the wrong prefixes, it becomes very hard to ever
get your machine working correctly again, because you end up having
little bits of Evolution mis-installed in random places on your system.

2.) Should I uninstall all the rpms for evolution that I have (snapshot
2001 02 14 08 59)

You'll probably need to uninstall at least evolution, gal, and gtkhtml.
Not sure about oaf and bonobo. Probably not anything else.

3.) Is there a build order or config file to create/edit?

Build order is in the evolution README.

4.) Is it worth the trouble of learning or should I continue to wait for
snapshots? (I am currently aware about their move)

I don't think there's any ETA on new snapshots, so it's hard to say.

Good luck.

-- Dan

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