Re: [Evolution] Mad Idea... Bugzilla -> vCard?

On 27 Feb 2001 15:22:05 +0000, Ross Burton wrote:
How's this for a mad idea: a backend in Evo which generate Tasks based
upon bugs in Bugzilla (basically the listing in My Bugs). This way the
status of bugs can be seen in Evo, without having to load a web browser.

Neat idea.  Could also work as an executive summary "My bugs" or

Is it possible to write CORBA servers in Perl?  If so, can a backend to
Evo be written in Perl?  If I could write some code in Bugzilla which
displayed a bug report as a vCalendar to do item, surely this would be
quite trivial.

Yes.  With the latest gnome-perl/corba-perl stuff you can in fact even
write bonobo components. That being said you don't need to do this to
write another calendar backend.  What you need to do is implement
something like evolution/calendar/pcs/cal-backend-file.[hc] for
bugzilla.  You can also easily construct icalendar objects with


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