[Evolution] Any chance of a *manual* Snapshot?

I know this goes against the whole point of snapshots, but is it
possible that just this once (or maybe again in the future is
circumstances seem right) that a *hand build* snapshot could be placed
in the evo snapshots download area.

I appreciate that ximian has been moving there servers, and also that
the current snapshots aren't building.  Normally this wouldn't be a
problem.  But at this stage, I'm running an evo snapshot from 2001-02-08
(the last snapshot to build successfully) which at this stage is 20 days
old.  There have (by the sounds of things) been some huge changes made
to evo in this time, and it would be great to be able to test the latest
versions (which might also stop people from reporting the same known
bugs over and over.)

I'm only asking that a hand build snapshot be done this once due to the
large amount of time that has passed since the last snapshot
successfully built.  I must stress that I am normally happy to wait for
snapshots to build on their own, but I think it would be great for all
involved if people could easily freshen up their evo installs so that
testing can occur on the latest versions, especially since development
seems to be occuring so quickly.   I believe that this would be of
benefit to everyone involved.



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