Re: [Evolution] Incorrect Counts for Inbox and Grid Lines

On 25 Feb 2001 18:02:43 -0500, Steven Knight wrote:

1) I am running an Evolution snapshot dated 2001.02.16 and the number of
messages Evolution reports as new in my Inbox is 5 but when I open the
Inbox there are no messages in Bold ( ie there are no new messages ) ---
this only
happens with the Inbox, though. If I open the Inbox using mutt, mutt
reports 0
new messages.  

I'm running the same snapshot and have the same problem.  I believe this
is due to the filter move function.  

I've been able to manually generate an incorrect unread count.  I set up
a new filter rule to move messages to another folder, select a block of
messages, and then Apply Filters.  The filtered messages will be moved
but the folder's unread count will remain the same.  Changing the
remaining unread messages to read will decrement the unread message
count for the reamaining messages, leaving an incorrect count.  So what
I end up with is a folder bar that indicates unread messages in a folder
with all read messages.

I suspect that this happens each time filters automatically affect
incoming messages - including vfolders.  Granted - I could be missing
something. :)


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