Re: [Evolution] Ctrl-ADX

My home dir is directly mounted (normal ext2), my computer is a RH6.2
laptop (pII 300), my disk is a bit slow perhaps, but erasing all mails is
wayy too slow.
The 'mh' format is really better - erasing is now very fast. I'll switch to
maildir, thanks for the advice.


Le 2001.02.20 23:38:26 +0100, Not Zed a écrit :
Well if you're deleting all mails it should be very fast, even for mbox.
It basically just doesn't copy anything into a new mbox and links over

And if you say have a total of 1000 messages and delete a number of
them, it should be taking seconds, and not minutes to expunge, so well,
i dont really know.  Unless you have very slow disk or something.

Is your home dir on NFS or something like that, etc?

On 20 Feb 2001 17:15:45 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Yes, sorry ...
say, 1000 emails in an mbox folder (from pop account) on my local disk.
I don't know exactely how long it is, because I usually let Evo work
and do other things. But around 10mn, on a pII 300 (laptop, armada

I'll try again when I have 1000 mails


Le 2001.02.20 17:16:41 +0100, Not Zed a écrit :
How many emails?

What is the folder format, and where is it stored?

Are they imap folders?


Please provide some useful information.

On 20 Feb 2001 12:18:36 +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
Hi !

Sometimes (each other day), I use Ctrl-A Ctrl-D Ctrl-X to purge the
where my mailing-lists are filtered. With some hundreds mails, it
forever to complete. I think the purge is not intelligent enough.


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