Re: [Evolution] view source & next/prev message

On 22 Feb 2001 23:40:56 -0500, Andrew Cowie wrote:

Two things I'd like to suggest concerning the window which pops up when
you've opened a message (as opposed to viewing it in the main preview

1. Do you think it might be possible to add to the "Source" (see all
headers) option to the view menu?

Well currently its a global option, so view source will work in both.
Although I agree it should/could be a separate option for the separate
mail view.

2. It would be brilliant if there were next and previous buttons with
keyboard shortcuts so that one wouldn't have to go to the mouse, close
the window, and then try and find the next message you're supposed to
look at.

there are already keyboard shortcuts 'n' and 'p' to goto the
next/previous unread mail (which is probably what you want right?).  We
had buttons but they got removed, I dunno why, i guess it just didn't
work/was ugly, or something.


For your consideration. 

'Care all.


Andrew Frederick Cowie
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Upoc, Inc

afcowie upoc-inc com
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