Re: [Evolution] Get Mail hangs evolution

1. Make sure you're using the absolute latest code, if you're using
HEAD.  Its been very volatile lately and some bugs just got fixed.
2. If it still does it, try and get a backtrace of the thread that is
blocking, it sounds like a deadlock problem.

On 23 Feb 2001 05:14:46 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
This has been the case for the past 2 days.  I updated
from CVS tonight.  I hit a Get Mail and the dialog just
hangs.  I left it for quite a while and it did not come
back.  I had to do a killev.  It appears as though it
occurs with my IMAP account.  If I cancel the password
dialog when Evolution starts up, the main window hangs
before it finishes initializing.  If I enter the
password, it hangs when checking my IMAP account when I
do a Get Mail.


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