Re: [Evolution] outgoing smtp servers

On 22 Feb 2001 12:17:14 -0600, John Graber wrote:
I'd be happy if the SMTP setting was just under a menu pick like "Options"
or "Preferences" and by setting it there, all accounts would use that
gateway.  It does seem redundant to have it required for each account when
they all should be sending through the same server for the network that you
are on at the time.

In the other email I just sent I explained why you can't always get away
with using just 1 SMTP server. It basically boils down to the way some
SMTP servers are setup and how their "permissions" work.

The drop-down would just be nice in that same location for those who have to
send through many different gateways and don't want to memorize FQDN's for
all of them.  I'll live if I don't get this one though 8)

I'd think this would actually be a bigger inconvenience for the users
who actually need the different SMTP servers because they'd have to set
2 options each time they send email.

The sendmail idea has merit, but it steers the prospective mobile Evolution
user towards wrestling with quite possibly the most complex config file of
them all.  Not all of the Evo-users-to-be are going to be NEARLY as
technically inclined as the members of this list.

I agree which is why I wrote the SMTP code in the first place ;-)


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