Re: [Evolution] GPG signatures using keyserver

This message is digitally signed but can not be proven to be authentic.

gpg: Signature made Wed 21 Feb 2001 09:25:19 PM WET using DSA key ID 2982E3B6
gpg: Good signature from "Sejal Patel (Bio Mage) <sejal iname com>"
gpg: cannot open /dev/tty: Device not configured

Shouldn't the message say that it is authentic ? Could this be because
I'm looking up on a public keyserver, instead of a private keyring ?

I'm not an expert on GnuPG, so any help is accepted.

This happens when you have the key in your public keyring, but haven't
assigned a trust value to it I think. I'm not a gpg expert either but
once I had told gpg that I trusted the key (with gpg --edit) it didn't
give any errors.


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