Re: [Evolution] Cannot initialize Evolution shell.

On 15 Feb 2001 22:58:03 +0500, Dan Winship wrote:
This is obviously an error the dev teams knows about since it generates a message. 

No, if we knew anything more about it, the error message would be more
useful. :-}

  Check that:

    * oafd is in your $PATH.

    * GNOME_Evolution_Shell.oaf and the other
      GNOME_Evolution_*.oaf files are readable and installed in
      $prefix/share/oaf, where $prefix is one of the prefixes listed in
      $GNOME_PATH or $OAF_INFO_PATH.  (These variables are supposed to
      contain $PATH-like colon-separated lists of paths.  If the
      installation prefix for Evolution is different from that). Run
      `oaf-slay' once before running `evolution' again if you change

    * evolution, evolution-mail and the other evolution-* executables
      are in your $PATH (but I guess this is already the case).

  I hope this helps...

  This should probably go into the
upcoming-as-soon-as-somebody-finds-time-for-it FAQ.


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