Re: [Evolution] Assbarn Security?

The SSL code doesn't use OpenSSL, it uses the Mozilla NSS library
instead because it's GPLd whereas the OpenSSL license is not GPL

The SSL code is roughly done, but still needs to be integrated fully.


On 15 Feb 2001 09:42:53 -1000, James Morton wrote:

    In recent CVS updates,  I've noticed a new configure option,
    '--enable-assbarn-security'.  It is described as "Enable security
    extensions such as SSL and S/MIME".  I imagine that this is just the
    framework, and not actual, functioning S/MIME support (I would wet
    my pants if this worked, as it's required for work:).  Anywho, after
    using the switch though, SSL is reportedly 'off' after configure
    finishes.  I have OpenSSL/SSLeay installed.  Just wondering if this
    does anything yet basically:)  Thanks.

    - James

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