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On Thursday 15 February 2001 10:07 am, Joseph "B." Welsh wrote:

| | Does anybody know why when I receive an Html mail from New York Times or
| Slate magazine
| why the graphic don't appear?  All I get is indented box where the
| graphic is supposed to go?
| I'm using the Redhat 7 SRPMS recompiled for my Mandrake 7.2 machine (cvs
| 2001.
| Thanks

It is because the New York Times did not attach the graphics to the email 
message and evolution was designed (thank god) to NOT go out to the internet 
and fetch graphics.  There are numerous reasons for them doing this and I'm 
glad they do have it (though it would be cool to be able and right click on 
the outlined image boxes and select view and have it go out and fetch stuff 
at our own risk).

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