Re: [Evolution] Html graphics in received mail

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 10:07:00AM -0500, Joseph B. Welsh wrote:
Does anybody know why when I receive an Html mail from New York Times or
Slate magazine
why the graphic don't appear?  All I get is indented box where the
graphic is supposed to go?

Currently, Evolution won't fetch graphics located on remote servers
(as opposed to embedded in the message).

The original reasoning was to prevent spammers from being able to trick
you into giving them an implicit "Read Receipt" (verifying their
address lists are correct and get read).
Technically, the image's URL could include your email address or some
unique ID, and upon getting the image, the spammer's database would be
updated, saying "this mail address is correct, and the person is
reading his/her email".

Anyhow, this seems as a pretty requested feature, and someone said
it'll be implemeneted later, IIRC.

Guys, shouldn't we have a FAQ for those?

Best regards,
Ilya Konstantinov

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