Re: [Evolution] My Calendar's been broken since Monday

if you click on Calendar again, it will open, This has been happening to
be for weeks now

On 15 Feb 2001 08:14:14 -0600, James Harrison wrote:

Maybe its just me. (I haven't seen it pop up on this list), but my
Calendar is now broken.

All snapshots since Monday crash the Calendar component.  After running
killev and oaf-slay I restart Evo and try to open the Calendar.  I will
get a dialog that says, "Could not create calendar view.  Please check
your ORBit and OAF setup."

I've deleted /tmp/orbit-<user>.  I even deleted the Calendar and TaskPad
config files.  I also deleted the $HOME/evolution/local/Calendar and
Tasks directories to allow Evo to recreate them.

I'm using latest snapshot on RH 7 with latest Ximian patches/updates.
James Harrison, CCNA
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Alec Peden
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