Re: [Evolution] Get Mail is broken

Thanks for the bug report, I've looked at it in the past to try to find
the problem but haven't yet found anything. As soon as I finish what I'm
working on right now I'll take another look.


On 14 Feb 2001 05:12:27 +0000, dan hensley att net wrote:
Since I haven't received any replies, I'll try again. 
Get Mail is broken, and has been for a long time.  In
addition to this, the mail component is quite unstable. 
It crashes on me quite frequently, both before and after
checking mail and sometimes when trying to view the new
mailbox contents.  I don't have backtraces yet.

I'm using CVS from yesterday.

Here's my last message on the subject:

I reported this a week or two ago, but got no responses
 from Evo (I did hear from at least one other person who
 also sees this), and the bug is still there.  I don't
 store my IMAP password.  When I hit Get Mail, the
 password dialog pops up.  And every time after the first
 time, I get some kind of network error when Evo tries to
 check one of my two other POP accounts.  It's usually
 Connection Refused or No Route To Host.  However, if I
 enter my IMAP password, all subsequent Get Mails work


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