[Evolution] More problems, now with 2/14

Happy Valentine's Day, Evolutionites!

I've been doing my usual hunt for bugs, but I've only come up with a
couple.  This's with the 2/14 RH6.2 snaps.  All of these bugs were
reproducible after a clean system boot.

1) Tasks are just totally bonkers. I get a tiny (about 70x70 pixel) view
which just flashes (as if it were trying to redraw itself several times
a second), which pretty much locks up Evo.

2) Still can't see my Contacts, even though some people (Debian users,
albiet) can.

3) I tried to create a new appointment that'll be on every Monday from
now to the end of April. However, in the recurrence dialog, the "W" for
Wednesday is selected by default _and cannot be deselected_.  As my
cubemate suggests, it's fine to highlight the Wednesday (since today is
wednesday), but it should be deselectable.  The only way I was able to
prevent Wednesday from being deselected was to switch to a Monday on the
Calendar and THEN create a new task.

4) I'm having pretty severe probs with the Exec. Sum.  If I try to close
an RDF summary, it crashes and taks Exec. Sum. with it.  Also, there's
still no way to set up proxies for the RDF summary without using
Nautilus (which I don't have on this computer).

Anyway, Evo is as delightful as ever, keep up the good work!  BTW, good
luck to the GNOME team in getting 1.4 beta and final put together and


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