Re: [Evolution] lost contacts

On 14 Feb 2001 15:39:18 +1100, Tony Collins wrote:
G'day all

I have the 2001. snapshot, installed from debian packages.  I
have been absolutely loving it all day, but now....

All my contacts have disappeared from my addressbook!  What's more, when
I try and add them back in again, wombat crashes, and nothing gets
added.  :(

Um, help.  Please.


I had this problem when upgrading from one version to the next.

I fixed it by running killev and then oaf-slay.

hope this helps

I also have this problem.

I've totally rebooted my machine after updating Evo; still no luck. Empty
contacts. Adding a contact crashes the wombat.

I suppose I can killev and oaf-slay before running Evo the next time, tho.
Shouldn't matter - the reboot would have done the same.

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