Re: [Evolution] Tasks % complete idea

On 13 Feb 2001 19:05:15 -0500, Ben FrantzDale wrote:
Something along the lines of what Eric Newman said: priority should be
proportional to the time density that it will require to finish on time.

(Aside: Consider this for a future, more complex behavior, though: Since
the system knows my calendar, it could calculate weighting for
work-related tasks during only work hours. Or it could suggest that now
might be a good time to start laundry or whatever... There are all sorts
of possabilities for the organization-impared :-)

While we are on the topic of making serious changes to the tasks (not
that I expect any of these things to be done in the near future) it
would really be useful to have tasks which renew themselves every week
or month or whenever you click the reset tasklist button or something.
Also, being able to display the tasks in a certain category only would
be very cool also.  These types of tasks would not need the ability to
keep track of percentage completed or due dates of any type however.

Since the counter arguement is why not just use the calendar for those
types of tasks I will say that tasks on a calendar are for specific time
frames or days but perhaps you have a list of like weekly groceries to
get or maybe a list of different bills to pay each month.  Those don't
neccessarily happen at the same time each iteration and you just do them
whenever you happen to get to it during the time frame.  If you think
about it, it would be quite useful (though not because of the lame
examples that I just mentioned).

Sejal Patel (sejal iname com)

"I can call spirits from the vasty deep.  Why so can I, or so can any man;
but will they come when you do call for them?"
                                        Shakespeare, King Henry IV, Part I

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