[Evolution] Signature at top of page.

Hey Guys,

This might be a feature request, or just a can you do this already type
of email.

We've had a few clients recently that have wanted to insert a image at
the top of each email to show that the email is from their company.
(This doesn't sit that well with me, an email IMHO should be text, which
attachments for anything that's not, but that's just me).

We thought of using the signature feature, but that really places at the
bottom of the page (although you could stuff around with each email and
get it to appear at the top.

I guess what I'm asking is, can you insert a signature at the top of the
page with the cursor below it, or could this feature be implemented,
either as a switch on the signature, or better as a header that works
like a signature at the top of the page.

I shoudl mention that this won't help our clients (who seem bogged down
in MS and Mac solutions unfortunately) but is would make a bloody nice
feature (for those who don't think emails should just be text ;-] )


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